“Viktoria is a special teacher, and I have learned a tremendous amount from her. She is positive, joyful and gentle. Viktoria encourages you to experiment with yoga, and let your inner voice be your guide. That “simple” idea has reinvigorated my practice.”  Bob Hahn, Oxford University


“Viktoria’s classes are a true joy. She creates a beautiful environment in which I always felt very comfortable and at ease, making it much easier to push my practice to the next level. I tried lots of different teachers in the Oxford area before I met her, and was so happy to finally find the exact blend of warmth, welcome, spirituality, trust, and focus that I had been looking for! I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who asked me.”  Polly Badham-Thornhill


“Thank you so much for your really excellent classes; I’ve really benefited from them.” Evelyn Goh


“Viktoria is everything a Yoga teacher should be. No matter how reluctant I am to go to her evening Yoga class—because of the distance, or the weather, or my fatigue that day—it is the one activity I allow nothing to hinder. When the practice is over, I am wholly relaxed, centered, and de-stressed. I actually look forward to my weekly Yoga class with her. Vinyasa Yoga is like nothing I have ever had before. Gently, and always at our own pace, Viktoria allows us to flow from one Asana to the other, ensuring the focus be on each practitioner individually. In this way, the Asanas become means to an end, never the end itself. I have had Yoga classes before but nothing like this. Perfection of posture or alignment is not stressed, instead what emerges is a centering calm that puts our priorities in perspective and, as a result, opens the space for us to order them. In this I have found Viktoria’s classes to be unique. I recommend her highly.” Myriam Yvonne Jehenson Dunn


“Viktoria was our first yoga teacher. Her attentive teaching made our introduction to yoga so pleasant and enjoyable while helping us understand how to work towards focusing on our mind-body-spirit. The classes were also a wonderful thing to do as a couple. Viktoria’s friendliness and flexibility with our constantly changing schedules made her classes an event we looked forward to during our time at Oxford.” Özsel & Da


”Viktoria’s yoga classes offer a unique blend of flowing vinyasa asanas and mindful stillness. She is a skilled teacher who encourages the student to express their body’s inner strength and joy and encourages experiment through safe progression to more advanced asanas. I’ve enjoyed her classes for 2 years now and continue to be amazed at the extra flexibility and serenity I’ve achieved over that time.” Gillian Fox


“I have taken part in two of Viktoria’s workshops now and found both incredibly useful. The first was more focused on the practical aspect of yoga, and this session really helped me develop my technique. I really noticed the difference in my next yoga classes! The second workshop was much more theory-based, designed to help you create your own personal practice. This session was fascinating, it gave me huge insight into how yoga can become part of your daily life and how you can use your practice in different ways depending on your physical and mental state. Both workshops increased my passion for yoga and motivated me to try and practice by myself as often as I can rather than just waiting for a weekly class. Viktoria is such an inspiring teacher, partly because she is so passionate about yoga herself, but also because she is encouraging and not afraid to do things differently.”  Vicky


“I always say to people that Yoga is all about a good and reliable teacher. Victoria is one of them. She is knowledgeable in yoga philosophy and experienced in practice, all her lessons are bespoke and different. Her holistic and individual approach to everyone in the yoga class is such a value. After Victoria’s class I always feel more focused, relaxed and much better. It is great as a “quick fix” and a long term well being process. Thank you. I would recommend Victoria’s yoga classes on a regular basis if you really want to feel healthy and stay happy and calm!” Oksana Davis


“Viktoria’s classes are pure joy and relaxation. She listens to you and the people in your group and will tailor the lesson to your needs that week. Her Jericho Studio is always warm and creates a comforting atmosphere. I always feel good after my lesson and have the best night’s sleep that evening!”  Jane Sammons


“Viktoria’s Yoga Workshops are absolutely brilliant. I’d recommend them to anyone who enjoys yoga and wants to learn more. They’re a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in practice and theory for a good chunk of time and your practice will really fell the benefit. They’re great value and Viktoria is an excellent teacher – she listens, offers guidance and assistance with asanas and has such a relaxing tone of voice. After a day you feel reborn, refreshed and full of knowledge and skills.”  Sophie Law


“Viktoria made my return to Yoga a very natural process for which I am grateful. She has a unique creative approach to her classes and I found the gentle flowing movements helped me physically and mentally to move on and ‘let go’. Her passion for yoga and experience are apparent in her classes, and each lesson had something new to offer. It takes a very special person to work with students at a variety of levels, and Viktoria has the patience and kindness to guide both novices and experienced yogis. I would highly recommend trying one of her classes.”  Maria Robertson


“Viktoria is a kind, empathetic and approachable Vinyasa yoga teacher who encourages and gives confidence to practitioners to try each asana. Viktoria always checks on the level of one’s health and physical capability at the beginning of each class and is always willing to focus on specific areas of the body that may need special attention, for example stiff shoulders, aching knees or slight tension in the back. During every class Viktoria provides clear guidance on how to achieve the correct pose for each asana, emphasizing the importance of alignment to protect the body. The desired flow and breathing technique is always demonstrated at a pace to suit the physical capability of the class. I attend a 90 minute class on a weekly basis and always leave each class feeling revitalized and refreshed. Bringing gentle humor, deep knowledge of her practice and an insightful spirituality to each class, I recommend Viktoria as an excellent yoga teacher for new and experienced practitioners alike.”  Sarah Griffe


“Yoga can be as daunting as it is brilliant but Viktoria instantly puts you at your ease with her delightful, friendly manner. She has created a non-competitive method of flowing movement which eases you into your body on the level which is exactly right for you. A creative structure ensures that you are always interested and the time flies by. When I do yoga with Viktoria, my body and mind become more supple and at ease. Her classes provide enormous benefit for anyone who wishes to become or remain healthy. Namaste!”  Laurelle Rond


“Viktoria is the best yoga teacher I have had the pleasure to be taught by her movements & positions are flowing and graceful , it feels like a doing a beautiful, sacred dance. However at the same time we are given seriously good stretches, muscle strengthening and toning positions. Having a weekly yoga session with Viktoria has the added benefits of posture awareness and grace of movement away from the class. She is extremely passionate about her practice and it shows through in her one to one’s and group sessions. I love the mudras and chanting. This maintains the feeling of a beautiful Indian experience rather than a “workout”.  I would thoroughly recommend Viktoria for total beginners right up to experienced yoga mat devotees. Thank you for re-inspiring me to take up my yoga practice after a considerable break…” Louise Kitty Graham


“Viktoria is an inspirational yoga teacher who brings extensive knowledge and warm empathy to her classes. She teaches with patience and sensitivity and has adapted her class for people between the ages of 14 and 80.”  Celia Brayfield


“Viktoria is a gifted and compassionate Teacher. Her knowledge and passion for Yoga is a joy to witness. It is a pleasure to work alongside Viktoria, and I recommend her highly.” Anne Malone


“Viktoria’s classes were always very relaxing but very challenging at the same time. She is an excellent and clearly very experienced teacher and she always understood exactly what I needed from a particular position or harder pose. I had never tried Yoga before, but I am very glad I did because it was great fun, but also nice having something to work on each week. I would definitely recommend Viktoria’s classes to any of my friends!” Ophelia Morley


“Viktoria is a gentle, wise, intuitive teacher who has synthesised her wide range of knowledge and her personal experience into a unique approach to yoga.  She is accepting of whatever level of expertise each individual brings, making one feel both respected and welcomed into her teaching space.  She is a delight in her presence and an inspiration in her approach to life and to the yoga she teaches.” Elizabeth Chanter


“I first met Viktoria at a social event.  I thought she had a calmness and serenity about her that you don’t often see now a days. When she told me she was a yoga teacher I was interested in getting to know her more.  I had done Yoga off and on for a few years but Viktoria seemed different than most of my Yoga teachers I’d had.  She seemed more authentic in some way.  I attended one of her classes shortly after meeting her and I loved her approach.  She was helpful, explained the positions well, and also had a spiritual quality about her teachings which I liked.  If you are looking for a Yoga class with a difference, I would definitely recommend Viktoria. She is a very special lady”. Lyn Haigh


”I used to practice yoga regularly but stopped when I had my daughter as I couldn’t find the time or energy. Six months ago, when my daughter was 18 months old, I began a natural treatment program for my under-active thyroid, involving dietary changes and supplements and I felt that to get back into my yoga would help. Being new to the area, I was dubious about finding a yoga teacher and class that would suit me and the kind of practice I was used to, which was in the Sivananda style. I can’t say how happy I am to have found Viktoria. She is by far the best teacher I have had and I don’t have to travel far at all. I was looking for something new to add to my own practice routines which had become stagnant; something to inspire me. Viktoria’s flowing style is exactly what I needed and her attention to detail in terms of exactly how to stretch and align yourself has allowed me to achieve a much better understanding of the asanas. Viktoria brings in the spiritual side of yoga yet does not dwell on it; she uses her voice in a very effective manner, talking enough so you know what to do but not so much that you can’t get “into the zone. I am sure she is an excellent teacher of beginners; sometimes in our class we have less experienced people and she is able to differentiate so that she can attend to them but at the same time not impede the more advanced from progressing. I would recommend her to anyone. Since starting my new diet and getting back into yoga thanks to Viktoria, I have managed to reduce the dose of the medication I have to take by half and I feel so much better.I would urge anyone to take up yoga or to get back into it if they have stopped practicing.”  Sara Dale


“I happily found Viktoria’s Friday evening class via the Yoga Garden in Oxford. This class is really terrific – just the right balance of challenge, flow and serenity – leaving me energized and open hearted for the weekend. Feel washed clean, powerful and clear headed after this class, wish only I lived nearer and could attend more regularly….” Rachel Pritchard


“I love Viktoria’s dynamic and spiritual yoga classes. Always so restorative and calming. In particular, they have been a great help for me in gradually strengthening my body post-childbirth (C-section) – Viktoria was always able to advise on ways to suitably adjust the poses. Thanks Viktoria :-)” Penny Farrar


”It always takes a while when you move somewhere new to find a yoga teacher who feels ‘right.’ Viktoria’s classes are amazing… She is positive and bright and the classes are always challenging. She has helped me to find and release more space in my body than I ever knew I had; both through guiding me towards a lighter, more expansive hold of each posture and through gentler, more ‘efficient’ transitional movements between them.  I’ve also valued her guidance in adapting and releasing into postures in a way that responds spontaneously to my body’s needs at that particular moment, in that particular class – and which, over time, is helping me to listen better to my body. I’d highly recommend trying it out…. the Friday evening hour and a half class is my favorite.  I love it… I’m always singing as I cycle home afterwards!!'”  Emily Brown


“Viktoria’s teaching style provides a great balance between the feeling of focus and learning, with a sense of fun and enjoyment. I feel constantly challenged, but never out of my depth or bored which I think is a tricky thing to achieve, especially in a mixed class. I look forward to the class every week and would be happy to recommend her to other students.”  Tom Draper


“Viktoria’s classes are completely different to anything I have tried before. I find her teaching both challenging and calming at the same time. I am more than happy to recommend Viktoria to anyone who is thinking of taking up yoga in the future.” Claire Hourigan


”Viktoria is a very creative and inspired yoga teacher. Her classes have just the right balance of physical workout and meditative calming for a real integration of mind-body-spirit. She encourages you to explore your limits and go beyond them, in a supportive, non-competitive way. ” Laurence S.


“Viktoria’s flowing yoga classes are dynamic, fun and yet ultimately peaceful – stretching the body and mind and touching my being on a deeper level. The fluid movement into asanas encourages my body to unwind and stretch further as the weeks progress, gently unfolding and unknotting at its own pace. I am stilled by the pranayama*, calmed and refreshed by the relaxation and leave each class thinking “where did those 90 minutes go”, yet having been fully in each moment of my practice!”  Gillian Fox


“I have a very busy and complicated lifestyle, my schedule is never regular and often it can be weeks before I have the opportunity to really make time to relax. I went to Viktoria’s class at Thrangu house on a whim and was absolutely blown away! hrough a combination of the flowing practice and Viktoria’s own calm and reassuring presence, I was able to re-engage my body and mind, and re-energize so completely that it stayed with me for the following week. I now make the time to go to her classes as often as I can, and I can’t thank her enough!” Amy Cudden


“My Friday night yoga session with Viktoria left me feeling strong, energized and calm. My muscles felt more knitted together, and I felt a sense of elation. Remarkably, this sensation has lasted a whole week, and I’m very much looking forward to my next class. Viktoria’s style is fun, relaxed, reassuring and focusedand she comes highly recommended!”  Melissa Mehta