Inspiration and creativity

Have you ever heard the quote by Pablo Picasso "Inspiration has to find you working"?

I agree with it to some some extent – yes we have to be active to be able to fulfill our dreams and ideas. However, I disagree with one element of it: this quote suggests that inspiration comes from outside to grace you with its presence (like a muse). 

I believe that inspiration is simply a state of mind and that we already possess all the answers to all questions.

By believing that inspiration is an outside force we give our power away. What if this muse is not a mythical Greek lady in white robes, but its your ability to awaken to the present moment? It's within your ability to make previously impossible connections and start a string of creative thoughts. Imagine that your ideas are infinite and your access to creativity never stops. The only thing you have to do is to ensure a nurturing environment where new ideas may appear.

By believing that your inspiration is bestowed upon you, you stop yourself from developing. You chain yourself to the idea of being a slave to your work. Ideas don't have to come when you are at your desk. Playing, making projects without any agenda and putting yourself in a mental and physical space where your curiosity is stimulated can induce a state of creativity.

There is no one answer or magic formula to being inspired. Ways of accessing inspiration evolve and change constantly as our collective consciousness grows. What if your inspiration is a living, growing, forever changing organic being?

So, sorry Pablo, you were an incredible artist and thinker, but inspiration doesn't have to find me working. No one and nothing is coming to make me better or more inspired. I am inspiration and am manifesting my creativity every day and every night.